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About us – Smart City Urban Projects 2018

About us

About us
The Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility (ARSCM) is the authority of the Smart City Industry in Romania, having as main objective the development of the creative-intelligent communities in the country.

ARSCM is an extremely active organization and brings together the elite of professionals and experts in every area representative of the Smart City Industry, creating the first elite body of professionals in this industry.
ARSCM enjoys international recognition, so the association is already a member of various organizations, consultative committees, working groups and is a partner in national and international programs. ARMS is a member of The World’s Smart Cities Organization.

About our achievements

Actions implemented to support and promote Smart City development in Romania:
• Editing the first magazine dedicated to Smart City – Smart City Magazine (appearing quarterly since December 2016);
• Introducing the 8 international ISO standards into legislation;
• Performing the first Smart City Audit in Romania;
• Organizing the Smart City Caravan, the only program to promote smart city solutions and educate decision-makers on new technologies, run over 12 months starting in September 2017 in 12 regions of Romania. The program is carried out under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Energy;
• Organizing the first Smart City courses in Romania;
• Organizing the Smart City Industry Awards Annual Awards 2016, 2017 (October);
• Organizing the annual Smart City Urban Projects (annual, March);
• Concluding collaboration protocols with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Waters and Forests, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, the Association of Romanian Public Administrators, the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the Ecological University of Bucharest, the University of Bucharest – the Faculty of Geography, Spiru Haret University Romania-Israel Trade and Industry as well as other valuable partnerships through which ARMSM performs information, education and development actions;
• Organization of working groups (ministerial, experts, etc.) on the signaling of the most important problems of the industry, but especially the identification of solutions to solve them. In this respect, ARMSM has regular meetings with decision makers;

About our goals:
• Developing Creative-Intelligent Communities in Romania and Smart City Development;
• Promoting Smart City concepts;
• Educating decision makers on Smart City concepts;
• Protecting the rights of its members and representing their interests in relation to local and central authorities;
• Strengthening Romanian legislation for better development of urban centers – identifying legislative vulnerabilities that can lead to diminishing or stopping the implementation of programs needed by local communities;
• Create the channels needed to present Smart City products and services;
• Promoting the interests of local communities in relation to central bodies;
• Participation in the work of the Specialized Commissions in the European Parliament and the Parliament of Romania on promoting easier legislation and helping community development;
• Conducting studies and specialized works on the sustainable development of local communities in Romania;
• ARMSM is actively involved in the development of national strategies and programs on local development;
• ARMSM is actively involved in the implementation of legislation and contributes to its updating;

To join you in the strongest organization of the Smart City Industry in Romania, visit the link: http://romaniansmartcity.ro/2017/02/10/inscribe-acum-in-arsc/